Luna Mohanty

(Human Resources)
~ Two-Wheeler Sector

"We are very happy with the response time  and proactivity of MIBS; attributes which one rarely finds in service providers. We appreciate the efforts taken by MIBS to contact our employees and ensure that they do not lose out due to delayed tax declarations."
Specific Area: The F&F settlement has improved dramatically and we have 100% closure by the second cycle. Also, the introduction of online tax declaration has reduced our non-value added follow-up and paperwork.

Shriniwas Mantri

(G.M – Finance & Accounts, Sales & Marketing)
~ Leading Automotive Company

"Customer Centric, Open to Ideas and help extensively in trouble shooting."
Specific Area: Accuracy in Payroll processing is commendable.

Pavan Sodani

(G.M – Credit & Commercial, Farm Division)
~ Leading Automotive Company

"Overall, Excellent Services & approach."
Specific Area: I am very impressed with the kind of effort taken by Payroll team at the time of recent wage settlement agreement.

Nora Bhatia

(Chief Human Resources & Corp. Admin)
~ Leading Business Solution Company

"MIBS supports our employees to understand tax computations, and guides on tax saving options.
They are customer centric in their approach and recently the team spent late hours on account of a technical challenge (beyond their purview) just to help us meet our performance pay-out timelines. As customers, we were delighted."